Welcome to our new schools!

A warm welcome to the new schools and teachers who have joined the Open Futures programme this year

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the new schools and teachers who have joined our programme this year. You join a network of Open Futures schools across the country who share your vision for ‘Linking Learning and Life’.

Whether participating in one of our ‘Open’ CPD workshops as a single participant; or taking part in either a whole school learning module, or series of modules, we are delighted to have you all on board!

We are proud to be working with new schools in: East Sussex, Hertfordshire, Essex, Barnsley, and East Anglia, alongside our new FE Colleges in Hertfordshire, London, and Bedfordshire, and supporting teachers across the whole of the UK who are benefiting from our accredited CPD course modules, whilst learning and applying new hands-on skills!

Recent activities in our new schools have included: in-school audits, garden design and build projects, enterprise initiatives, askit training and development, Literacy workshops, and participation in introductory modules within our growit, cookit and filmit strands which have taken place in both Hull, Sussex and Newham. We are looking forward to delivering the next phase of our progressive learning modules later in the Spring term, and to welcoming back participants who have attended the introductory ‘Initiate’ courses.

Many of you will now be working toward our ‘Strand Flagship’ Award, and we are ready to provide support in-between learning modules to help you achieve this goal!

Our existing schools form the backbone of Open Futures and we are proud to have Flagship Ambassador schools in Hull, Manchester, Birmingham, Newham, Wakefield and across the South Coast. 

Our congratulations go to:

  • St John The Baptist, East Sussex;
  • Camberwell Park Specialist Support School, Manchester;
  • Chiltern Primary, Hull; 

who have all successfully been awarded a renewal of their Flagship Award for a further three years, and who have demonstrated ongoing excellence across the entire programme. We are looking forward to announcing further Flagship award winners in the coming term.

For information about booking an in-school support session, the Strand Flagship Award, or the Open Futures Flagship Award, do get in touch.

Date of publication 
Wednesday, January 25, 2017