Closely connected with growit, the cookit strand of Open Futures gives children the opportunity of really understanding where their food comes from and how it relates to who they are, both in terms of their physical development and their well-being.

Through cooking at school, children also explore their own and other cultures and learn about seasonality and sustainability.

Open Futures experts play an ongoing and key role in showing teachers how best to teach cooking in a classroom, not simply how to produce wonderful plates of food, but also to take advantage of the array of cross-curricular benefits that cookit provides.

We have developed a complete set of equipment, our 'cook kit', to facilitate safe cooking with groups of children. Once the class is ready to get its aprons dirty, children are taught how to use kitchen equipment properly and safely, learning chefs’ techniques for slicing food such as tomatoes and onions. They are encouraged to touch, taste and smell at every stage, really getting a sense of the wonderful world of food. The best part of the cookit process is, of course, the time when classes sit down together and enjoy what they have prepared.